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Mar 3, 2021

Here is an episode from the Front Lines! I think there’s one thing that we can all relate to: we all procrastinate on something. Whether you’re a serial procrastinator or there are just a few tasks in your life that you hate to do, this episode is perfect for you.

This week my obsession is Procrastination. To discuss this very relatable topic, I brought on my friend and Regional Loss Prevention Manager of Kirklands Eric WIlliams, a leader on the Front Lines, who - like you - has struggled in this arena throughout his career. 

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In This Episode:

  • Eric shares how he finds time for consistent self-improvement
  • Analysis paralysis: it is code for deep thinking or an excuse that procrastinators use?
  • Ways that we can work through our procrastination

For You Fast-Tracker's:

  • 6:00 - Eric shares the origin story of his friendship with Dawn
  • 7:45 - Eric tells Dawn how he finds time and resources for consistent self-improvement
  • 10:00 - How Eric got started in loss prevention
  • 13:30 - How Eric combats procrastination in his life and his work
  • 19:30 - Analysis paralysis: is it deep thinking or just an excuse?
  • 22:45 - What are ways that people can get through their procrastination?


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