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Feb 10, 2021

This week on The Workplace Headcase, my obsession is connection. I asked friend of mine and human connection expert Stuart Chittenden to come on and share his stories about how connection impacts his work. Stuart is the founder of Squishtalks, an agency that helps awaken our humanity and make work and life more fulfilling.


In this episode, 

  • Stuart tells me about his love of the word Squish, and how one of his companies was born out of dinner parties! (It’s true). 
  • What led him to his true calling.
  • The power of curiosity. 
  • Why companies must care about human connection in their workplaces 
  • And, the 5 attitudes that can help improve communication.

To check out Stuart’s work, visit his website To learn more about Dawn and her work go to Follow us @theworkplaceheadcase on Instagram and Facebook and on Twitter @wpheadcase.

  • 3:00: Workplace Headcase Song of the Week
  • 6:00: Dawn + Stuart origin story at Boondoggle 
  • 9:00 Stuart’s story of the creation of Squishtalks
  • 15:15: Stuart’s isolation led him to his calling
  • 21:00: Why should companies care about human connection in the workplace?
  • 23:30: The 5 attitudes that can help improve conversation

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Episode Resources: 

Stuart at and on LinkedIn and Instagram @livesradioshow