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Mar 11, 2021

Your Story Matters. This week we listen to Katie’s Story.

It’s hard to find a place that you feel comfortable in. It can take many years of searching to find a community that makes us feel loved and supported. After all, we all want to feel that we belong, especially at work. Today's guest, Katie Rasoul, shares her personal story about this very topic. 

This week on The Workplace Headcase my obsession is #Belonging. In this episode I talk to  keynote speaker, leadership coach, fellow podcaster, and founder of Team Awesome, Katie Rasoul, about why belonging is now an important workplace focus. And how belonging has naturally evolved into the third piece of the Diversity and Inclusion triangle.

If you are a person committed to learning more, advocating for, and implementing workplace cultures that are Diverse, Inclusive and foster Belonging -- this episode is for you!


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For You Fast-Trackers:

06:49 - Why Katie left Corporate HR and what her mission is now. 

10:14 - Katie’s Story: Why and how Katie became obsessed with belonging in the workplace? Also,how going from a company with a great leadership culture to one without a great leadership culture made Katie ask the hard future questions. 

17:45 - What is the big 2020 topic that brought belonging to the corporate doorstep, what exactly is the difference between diversity, inclusion and belonging, and why is Corporate America still struggling to achieve these ideal states. 

20:51 - Katies digs deeper on the concept of "belonging within a community, and what do you need to get to achieve belonging in the workplace (in within yourself). 

28:10 - What Katie needed to see to feel a sense of belonging at work (and what you need to see too). 

32:01 - What's at stake if companies don't foster an environment of belonging? And what we can do about it. 


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